The legend of the blue butterfly

Many years ago a man became a widow andwas in charge of his two daughters. The girls were very curious, intellegent and always eager to learn. They constantly plagued their father with questions. Often the man was able to respond wisely, however, at times he was unsure whether he couldoffer his daughters the right answer.

Seeingthe restlessness of the two girls he decided to send them for a season to live with a sage who lived on top of a hill. The sage was able to answer all the questions that the little ones asked him.

One day the sisters devised a trap to measure his wisdom. They decided to ask him a question that he was unable to answer.

The girls went to carry our their plan. The older one went out into the field and caught a blue butterfly. then she began to explain to her sister: «Tomorrow, while I hold the blue butterfly in my hands, we will askthe sage if it is alive or dead. If he replies that she is alive, I’ll squeezemy handsand kill her. If he claims she is dead I’ll free her and she will fly free. In thisway, whatever he answer, it will always be incorrect.»

The next morning the girls went to the sage, desirous of making him fall into the trap, and asked the question.

The man smiled calmly and answered:

«It is up to you – she is in your hands.»



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