“The mask effect”

At one point I decided to leave my blog of reflections and long thoughts and dedicate this space exclusively to my creative work but today I feel again the need to share thoughts…

I was convinced that a pandemic would arouse kindness and sympathy between people.

I thought a pandemic would arouse compassion and empathy.

I expected that, in a crisis situation, humans would be more human…

Today I was at the hospital (nothing serious – routine check up) and I saw a coldness and felt a frigidity that scared me.

A little lady goes to a desk and says she has a question – the nurse snorts: “Keep distance!”…

A man asks how the number screen works – no one answer…

A girl asks for help to finding the right way – no one even look at her…

Why? What happend? How could it be like this? Are we hiding behind the masks for the virus or for persons?

I feel dumb. Scared. Sorry.

My believe is that we all have a choise every morning when we wake up; be kind! A smile make difference…

My believe is that a small kind gesture can start a “butterbly effect” and make big difference…


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